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Corporate Identity Authoring (CIA)

Corporations and leaders generally use product / service advertising, sales promotion and press releases to reach out to their stake-holders. 

Corporate Identity can also be nurtured through a management-oriented book on the company / leader.  Hence, our CIA offering. 

Very few companies have taken the benefit of this unique approach to identity building.  Notable exceptions are Tatas,  Godrejs, Biyanis, HDFC Bank & Crisil in India; General Electric, IBM, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Disney, Cadbury & Federal Express, have done the same internationally.  The trend is catching up.

A book is a superior means of communication for the following reasons – 

  • Unlike other media, a book can give a complete message.
  • The credibility of an independently authored and objectively written book cannot be matched.
  • The company that is featured in the book is in a much better position to express its views on the message than is possible with most other means of communication.  
At your option, the book can be published under your authorship, or with independent authors. 

Did you know that

Sundar's book

was featured along with those of

Benjamin Graham,

Warren Buffett,

Peter Lynch,

George Soros &

Jim Rogers

in BW's list of Top 10 books

that will change the way you look at money?